SEO Testimonials

Over the years, myself and my colleagues have helped businesses of all sizes start and grow their website businesses. Our customers range from startup entrepreneurs to large companies. We've helped customers who want to rank for single keywords in a non-competitive niche through to the most competitive of industries including technology, fashion, healthcare and gaming.

Below you'll find feedback from a selection of our satisfied customers. We also have case studies that showcase our customer's business growth from using our SEO services.

The team at Gaz Hall have been a great asset to our SEO strategy. Over a few years of using unsuccessful SEO agencies, they were able to come on-board and turn our product's website ranking around. Great reporting processes and contact from an SEO expert. We will definitely continue to use their services

I was having trouble finding an ethical SEO company for our needs. Gaz Hall stepped up and helped me understand the process of SEO, the time it would take and the white-hat strategies they will use to get the best results. They not only achieve organic search results; they educate their customers to get the best result possible. Their customer service is also exemplary.

We are very pleased not only with the end result, but with the entire process of working with Gaz Hall, unlike other SEO agencies that we've used in the past. The amount of patience, guidance, and knowledge that they displayed throughout the whole process as our digital marketing company made them a very easy and enjoyable partner to work with.

After a disastrous period of penalties from Google for bad SEO decisions we made in the past, the team at Gaz Hall came to our rescue. They succeeded in lifting our Google penalties, disavowing our spammy backlinks and putting us back onto page 1. I'm forever grateful for their hard work and diligence during those difficult times.

My business competes against other firms that have huge advertising budgets to pay large agencies to keep them high in the search results. Thanks to Gaz Hall’s content marketing, my organic search results have been second to none, and at a fraction of the cost.

Thankyou Gaz, Lucy and the rest of the team for your great work and efforts to build up our niche online business. Together with Gaz Hall we have seen continued growth and significant improvements in our cost per conversion for our target audience.

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimisation, our philosophy is to be open, innovative, educated, and perform exceptional work. We're more than your SEO company – we're your digital marketing partner - and who better to confirm that than customers that we've worked with over the years.

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