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Professional SEO services designed for success

No matter what search marketing goals you have for your company, the SEO company team at Gaz Hall can help increase your bottom line with an SEO campaign that is specifically designed for your unique business.

Start earning more qualified search traffic from Google to your online business today with our search engine optimisation services.

We don’t guess, assume, or hope for the best with search engine optimization.

Our SEO strategies are developed around thorough research and scientifically tested data.

And we prove our results every time.

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Professional SEO Services that Grow Online Traffic and Increase Revenue

Most internet users begin their session by searching for something that they need.

Google is used to fulfil that potential clients need, whether its searching for the nearest Italian restaurant, the best local plumber or your organisation.

Search engine optimization (SEO) services help your client and customer base find your service online.

Its not necessarily about ranking for popular terms; it’s about being found when it matters most.

If you're looking for serious business growth, SEO is the strategy for you.

Why does it work?


It targets the users that are most likely to convert on your business site, and takes them there.

Professional SEO Services

UK SEO Service

Looking for increased ROI from Professional SEO Services?

The best and most successful SEO service identify and captures user intent that already exists around your core products or services.

By identifying all the different keyword variations that a user may use, we design and execute an on-page content strategy to secure top rankings and drive users directly to your target landing pages.

This includes:

  • Gaining a good understanding of your industry and what’s important to your potential clients.
  • Developing a bespoke SEO strategy with cutting edge professional SEO services that gets your content in front of the users searching for your keywords.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and identifying new opportunities and efficiently managing your budget.

Why choose Gaz Hall as your SEO Service?

  • Our professional SEO services are perfected from 20+ years of experience, ensuring online brands and businesses of all sizes will achieve higher rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • We've built a team of SEO specialists from around the world who know how to create and implement top-performing SEO strategies.
  • Our results are achieved through a fourfold procedure: ensuring your website is fully optimised, careful keyword targetting, the creation of high-quality content and high-quality link building. All of these professional SEO services combine to boost your website up the Google rankings.
  • Our experts will work with you to build a strong online presence so your audience and potential clients will view you as an authority in your niche, leading to more visits, better conversions, higher brand visibility and increased profits.
Professional SEO Services

Examples of Customer Growth for our Professional SEO Services

Our professional SEO services clients have asked that we don't give out their details but have agreed to share their data anonymously. Here are some charts from their monthly reporting data to show their growth curves since we took over as their SEO and digital marketing service partner.

SEO Services for UK Fashion Brand

SEO Service Customer Ranking

An SEO specialist at Gaz Hall worked with this UK fashion brand to lift their targetted traffic by 200% in 6 months.

They continue to achieve position 1 in Google rankings for many competitive search phrases.

Top SEO Services for UK Healthcare Organisation

SEO Company Customer Ranking

Since this UK Healthcare organisation took us on as their digital marketing partner, we have boosted their organic visitors fourfold by hitting top third first page rankings for all of their target search keywords.

This has led to their return on marketing investment soaring to 500% over the last 12 months.

Professional SEO Services for UK Technology Business

Satisfied SEO Services Customer

The daily visitors to this business site were pretty flat until we became their search engine optimization partner in December 2019.

The visibility of their online business has increased massively and they are now ranking in position 1 on Google for over 30 different search terms due to our SEO experts knowledge.

As a leading UK SEO Agency London providing quality search engine optimization services, our SEO experts have helped brands and businesses of all sizes start and grow their website businesses; including entrepreneurs and large companies, in the UK and across Europe, even in the most competitive of industries including technology, fashion, healthcare and gaming websites.

Our Professional SEO Services

At Gaz Hall, we are the preferred choice professional SEO services company for leading public & private sector organisations. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to professional SEO services and digital marketing of our clients online business. That’s why our SEO experts work closely with you to provide search engine optimization services designed to give your website authority and to generate results. As a trusted partner, we provide you with all of the professional SEO services that you need to get to position 1 on Google for your chosen search terms.

Our SEO activities are grounded in best practice for our clients, and what works, long-term. Just what you'd expect from a top SEO Services company. Organic SEO is not a quick fix, but using tried and tested methods we can achieve results for our clients that have a real impact on the revenue and profitability of their business.

First, our experts will listen to you and understand your business, your unique selling points and the problems you solve for your clients. Next our SEO business will put together an SEO strategy which builds your website authority and aligns to your long term goals. This will involve a number of the following SEO services, depending on your requirements:

Technical SEO Services

Here our SEO experts will start by performing an SEO audit. This is an in-depth technical review of your website during which our SEO services company will analyse your site and determine any issues that are preventing you ranking at position number 1 on Google. We'll then advise or make direct changes to the code on your web pages, whether that be meta tags, meta data, titles, headings or any other technical SEO aspects that need addressing.

More about our Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO can go a long way to improving your keyword rankings. A leading SEO consultant will apply their expertise to work with you to address any inherent issues in your website architecture. Some of the different factors that our marketing agency will look at when performing technical SEO will include:

Code Efficiency

  • Google and other search engines read your source code to find out what your website is about.
  • It is important that the source code that makes up your website (predominantly HTML, Javascript and CSS) is both efficient and understandable by the search engines.
  • Bloated code (including unecessary Wordpress plugins and interactive content) can slow down your website's load time and means that the content to code ratio is lower.
  • Google can understand the semantic meaning of a web page when there is less code. This helps to improve your search engine rankings.

Website Speed

  • In addition to delivering accurate results that address a query, Google also factors into its rankings the speed of a website.
  • Users perceive fast websites to be reliable and relate speed to efficiency, trust, and confidence.
  • The speed of your website has a major impact on SEO rankings on desktop and mobile (especially with Google’s mobile first index).
  • Slow websites have less conversions, a high bounce rate, and a low number of pages per visit.
  • Our SEO services specialists will provide you with expert advice on how to increase the speed of your website.


  • For your website to appear in the Google rankings, it needs to be picked up and indexed by Google.
  • We'll ensure that all the pages on your website are indexable (even the Javascript ones), that there are no technical road blocks and that your XML sitemaps reflect your website's content.


  • The term reponsiveness means that a web design can adapt to the type of device that is being used to view it. Our SEO audit will identify if this is an issue with your website.
  • Now Google has moved over to mobile first indexing, having a website that can be viewed across all devices is more important than ever to include in your SEO efforts.
  • In the majority of cases, Google will rank a mobile ready above one which is not mobile ready.
  • Having an alternative version of your website developed using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is another option if there is a reason why your website cannot be responsive.


  • Having duplicate content or duplicate elements across your website can impede optimisation efforts.
  • As part of our technical SEO services, we'll detect any duplicate content or duplicate elements and either remove them or provide you with the tools to do so.
  • Duplicate elements include headings across pages, title tags and duplicate body content.

Technical Content

  • The SEO audit of your website will identify any technical content issues, such as whether your most important content is linked to the most, whether you are missing important tags in your headings or images or if you have any broken links.
  • It will also flag up any issues around meta tags and meta descriptions for each of your target pages.


  • If you know that a good share of your website visitors come from a different country then its important to ensure that your site is set up correctly for a better experience.
  • We can advise on international SEO best practices to take advantage of new markets including url structures and the HTML tags that you'll need to use.

Schema markup

  • Adding Schema markup to your HTML improves the way your page displays in the search listings.
  • Certain types of schema are more beneficial for SEO dependent on the specific type of business.
  • As part of our SEO services, we'lll work with you to ensure you have the correct schema markup on your online company presence to enhance the rich snippets that are displayed beneath your page title on the search results and increase your visibility in the SERPs.
As one of the top UK SEO companies, the people in our SEO agency team are completely focused on ranking you in the Google search engine results which brings long term benefits through organic traffic. We specialise in this. Our people don't get involved in other forms of internet marketing like website design, social media or social media promotion or interactive content creation as its easy to become a jack of all trades but master of none. Our best practice technical SEO services can help you build a solid foundation for your off page and on page SEO.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding who your competitors are and how they are positioned gives us a much better understanding of what our approach should be for the marketing of your website. As part of our SEO service, we'll complete a competitive analysis and case studies to see how you stack up against your top three competitors in the search listings, which will dovetail into your SEO strategy.

More about Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is critical in SEO for three main reasons:

  1. SEO agencies can determine what your competitors in your sectors are doing well.
  2. SEO companies can find strategic advantages over your competitors.
  3. SEO experts can find link opportunities by analysing your competitors' backlink profiles and campaigns.

This competitive analysis service, performed by a leading SEO expert UK, looks at the general metrics for each of your competitors. This includes such aspects as who is linking to them, their link velocity, backlink growth and domain authority, their social shares, the age of their domain and much more.

As part of your SEO campaign, we'll identify the topical categories that their web pages are prevalent in (which will feed into the research) and whether their backlinks are coming from a generic niche or their direct niche.

The amount and strength of their backlinks is analysed, along with the number of backlinks coming from seperate domains. We'll also determine whether these backlinks were gained using black hat techniques. This then feeds into our backlink profiles outreach and aquisition strategy.

Competitive analysis in the context of SEO will also reveal how many blog posts and articles your competitors are sharing every week, as part of their SEO campaigns, and whether they are keyword based or topically focused. We'll also identify their social media marketing reach, social media promotion and post frequency too.

Analysing your customers in this manner helps to replicate their success and learn from their mistakes.

The success of our SEO team in delivering long term search results is well known. Our team will provide an increase in the numbers of people visiting your website. The sales and brand visibility for our clients speaks for itself. Contact us for more details on how we can make a difference to your business through our search expertise and SEO efforts.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the highest return organic search activities that is essential for your marketing success. As part of our SEO services, we'll identify the keywords that are going to bring you in the best quality prospects for your business, including the identification of keyword volumes and keyword difficulty.

More about Keyword Research

To get more organic search traffic from search engines, you need to understand what people and potential customers are searching for online in your sectors. Our keyword identification service involves finding and analysing search terms that people enter into search indexes such as Google and Bing. The results of this research helps to define your online marketing content strategy for SEO campaigns and other marketing channels to drive traffic to your website and increase your business website's authority. This expertise ensures that the content produced on your website is relevant and easily searchable on Google resulting in a succesful SEO campaign for your UK business. This then results in increasing your ROI and promoting the visibility of your brand.

When we undertake keyword exploration, we look at five things:

  1. Relevance to your sectors, service or product
  2. Searcher intent
  3. Search volume
  4. Difficulty (or competition)
  5. Change over time

What our marketing experts are ideally looking for are transactional keywords relevant to your business product/service with high volume search terms and low competition, that are not dropping over time.

The first aspect here is the relevance to your UK business product or service. Here our marketing agency specialists look at who you are, what your business does and who your clients and the people visiting your online premises are. Next we look at what your clients want from you. What business product or service do they want and how are they searching for it? Together we'll identify keyword phrases with a commercial intent that will generally lead to a sale for your UK business as an integral part of your SEO campaigns.

Maybe you've run PPC or SEO campaigns before or even social media campaigns for research purposes and have Google analytics data to support this. Inevitably, you will have a number of keywords in mind that you would like to rank for. They will proably include such things as your products and services, or maybe other subjects that your website addresses. These seed keywords will form the basis of our keyword investigations.

Using our own inhouse SEO Services tools along with other marketing databases, we will build up those seed keywords into keyword phrases and for each of these phrases will identify the search volume and keyword difficulty for them. We also look at how much people are paying per click in paid marketing terms for their SEO campaigns as this often gives a good indication of how valuable the keyword phrases are.

This final list is then real world sanity checked by our marketing experts to ensure that the popularity of these keyword phrases is not diminishing over time and will still be relevant in six months to a year.

At the end of our keyword research process you will have a list of keyphrases that are the most relevant to your business from an SEO perspective. These will form an important part of your online marketing strategy, which will in turn boost your organic traffic. For more details on this and our other services that work together to drive traffic to your web property, get in touch with our SEO team who can help fulfil your digital marketing strategy. Having years of experience really do make a difference reaching your target audience and customer base and ultimately, increasing sales and your online success.

Content Research

Here we research and analyse the content that the top 10 authority websites are using to rank above you for your chosen keywords. Using our own custom built tools, we reverse engineer your customer's content - identifying what is helping them to rank. Case studies show that this is an excellent way to bring long terms benefits to internet marketing insights and to understand the latest SEO trends. This research is then utilised for your own website to achieve top performing organic search results.

More about Content Research

As well as the authority of a website, one of the top factors that Google uses to rank websites in the online world is the relevance of your content to the search term entered. If your content provides what the searcher is looking for then everyone is happy.

As any professional SEO consultant will tell you, content is key to getting potential customers or clients to your website via organic search results. But creating the right kind of content for your target pages is what its really all about. So this begs the question: how do you create content that ranks?

Well, your business competitors have already done that. (If you were already ranking at number one for every search term that you wanted to rank for then you wouldn't be considering using our SEO services!) What we can do is look carefully at the content that is ranking for your competitors and then deconstruct it to provide a template to work from for your UK business.

Content research can be done manually, however it is a long and laborious process to do this for all of Google's ranking factors - over 200 of them at the time of writing. The more effective and less error prone way to do content research is to use tools that will do it for you in the field.

Luckily at Gaz Hall, we have already developed tools that will do just this. Our content research tools analyse the top 10 webpages of websitessites that rank for your chosen search term and identify all the things that you need to change to be able to rank above them. This is a key part of our SEO services and has helped us rank above many of our competitors for the most competitive of search terms.

Our SEO specialists analyse and reverse engineer your UK business competitor's content using over 500 factors that have a known impact on your rankings. This enables you to understand what is ranking and why for your chosen keywords.

Our SEO consultants will then use this data and their search expertise to craft powerful content for your website. This will enable you to grow our own traffic and boost conversions. Good SEO really can make a difference to your business. Our authority SEO case studies bear testament to this.

Content Creation

The development of engaging content is crucial to the success of your SEO strategy. With the major search portals intensifying their focus on quality, website content remains a major ranking factor. Our experienced writers craft content for real humans; not just to appeal to Google and Bing. This SEO expertise helps to boost your online visibility and convert website visitors into clients and sales.

More about Content Creation

As search engine optimization constantly evolves, it is clear that compelling content is integral to a website's search success. Developing well thought out content supports search engine optimization to create a clear conversion journey for prospective clients to your online brand.

Google recently announced that it is intensifying its focus on content quality, and rightly so. Marketing experts from many an SEO agency have reiterated that this should always be the case. Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. Without content, SEO companies would have nothing to optimise for search engines. Without content, search engines would have nothing to show in their results.

So how do you write great content that features at the top of the Google rankings and beat the authority websites? The answer to this question is twofold:

Firstly, you need to write content that appeals to the user and that answers their search query. The websites at the top of the search rankings are always user focused, first and foremost. They answer the query that the user came to find out.

The top pages will be well thought out and readable and the user will spend a lot of time on them. This indicates to Google that they are worthy of reading and also worthy of being visible at the top.

Any SEO consultant London will tell you that effective content writing is so much more than just placing keywords on a page and hoping for the best. It takes structure, skill, dedication and experience to place the correct words on the page that will answer the visitor's search intent.

Secondly, that content needs to be optimised to appeal to the search engines algorithms. Keywords need to be included naturally and in the relevant position. Headings, titles and metadata needs to be incorporated correctly also. The content analysis SEO service from our UK agency helps people identify what your competitors have done with their content to increase visibility and to rank well. Furthermore, we use the outcomes of this to inform our content creation.

Our UK SEO content writers have experience in producing great content for the top people in their field that ranks well in Google and, most importantly, converts prospective clients. They have written for people and organisations large and small across a variety of industries and sectors, and provide third party services to online marketing companies too. Their content marketing activities continue to rank well across all major search engines and have helped boost the visibility and return on online marketing investment for many a company. Having years of good SEO experience in this field really does pay dividends in your keyword rankings.

Link Building

Links are a very important signal that the search engines use to determine rankings. As part of the search engine optimization activity, an SEO expert will build high quality, contextual links back to our clients web properties. These backlinks will give sites the authoritative backbone they need to thrive.

More about Link Building

Quality link building is the procedure of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own service pages, product pages or blog posts. A link on another website to your online company is seen as a vote of confidence. The more contextual links that you have from high domain authority websites, the more you will rise up the search rankings.

Google attributes around 40% of its weighting to domain level or page level links. Therefore building high quality backlinks, in conjunction with good technical SEO and content, is a major part of our SEO services. Definitely, increasing the number of high-quality links pointing to your website can significantly increase your chances of improving your brand visibility, ranking well and bringing people and clients to your online company premises.

Unfortunately, link building done the wrong way can damage your website's authority. Getting links back from spammy, low quality or nefarious black hat websites can work the other way and reduce your rankings. Our SEO experts have had many instances where our SEO business has taken clients on to perform SEO services and have had to perform link audits in order to prune their backlink profile before starting link building properly. These SEO link audits involve disavowing links and even initiating Google penalty removal and penalty recovery. We generally recommend a review of your existing link profile, before moving on to link building as part of our SEO services.

Your links will be built by launching outreach campaigns and developing a rapport and relationship with other bloggers, journalists, and webmasters which leads to them linking back to your web pages and an increase in your brand visibility.

Our UK SEO agency consists of a very experienced UK based SEO team who will help develop a bespoke link building strategy with you as part of our SEO practices. The focus of our link building activity is on developing a natural link profile for your website. This stands the test of time for long-term sustainable results and eradicating the need for Google penalty recovery. We manage the entire task with a procedure that's been fine tuned over many years of experience. Results are trasparent and viewable through analytics tools such as search console or Google analytics.

If you’re ready to learn more about how how our link building provision can bring more traffic and sales to your company website then get in touch today for a free consultation.

Website Migration

If you're migrating from an old website to a new one, its important not to lose your visibility and position in the search engine results pages. We can work with you during site migrations to guarantee zero loss in rankings and visibility.

More about Website Migration

Migrating your website to another server, domain or a new Wordpress theme can cause problems with your Google rankings if it is not managed correctly. However, when website migrations are implemented using best seo practices, your organic rankings can be preserved with a smooth transition.

So, what does a successful migration look like?

A successful website migration demonstrates:

  • Minimal loss of traffic during the first few weeks of the migration project.
  • Visible growth after the first month of the migration project.

A website migration is a great opportunity to ensure that all the technical SEO factors are in place on your new website. Conversely, if SEO is not taken into account in the planning stages of your website migration project then you may find yourself suffering a nasty surprise when the day of the changeover happens.

Its always best to consult with digital marketing experts when project planning such a move to ensure things will go smoothly with your SEO campaign. Successful website migrations are planned well, and executed with military precision due to our years of experience managing such moves. With our SEO service, we'll guide you through a successful migration, minimising the organic search risks and making sure everything’s in place for your audience to make their user journey with you.

  When done correctly, the benefits of SEO are long lasting.  

Feedback from our Customers

We love what we do, and we want you to love the accountability, customer service, and knowledge around your business goals that we provide as your trusted SEO service company.

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimisation, our philosophy is to be open, innovative, educated, and perform exceptional work. We're more than your SEO company – we're your digital marketing partner - and who better to confirm that than local businesses and national brands that we've worked with over the years. You can also take a look at our customer testimonials and case studies for more details.

The SEO services team at Gaz Hall have been a great asset to our successful SEO strategy and our overall business. Over a few years of using unsuccessful SEO companies, they were able to come on-board and turn our product's website ranking around. Great reporting and contact from our consultant. We will definitely continue to use their services

I was having trouble finding an ethical SEO company for our business needs. Gaz Hall stepped up and helped me understand the best SEO, the time it would take and the white-hat strategies they will use to get the best results for brands. They not only achieve organic results; they educate their customers to get the best result possible. Their customer service is also exemplary.

We are very pleased not only with the end result, but with the entire process of working with Gaz Hall, unlike other SEO agencies that we've used in the past. The amount of patience, guidance, and knowledge that they displayed throughout the whole process as our digital marketing company made them a very easy and enjoyable business partner to work with.

After a disastrous period of penalties from Google for bad SEO decisions we made in the past, the SEO team at Gaz Hall came to our rescue. They succeeded in lifting our Google penalties, disavowing our spammy backlinks and putting our businesses and brands back onto page 1. I'm forever grateful for their hard work and diligence during those difficult times.

My business competes against other firms that have huge advertising budgets to pay large agencies to keep them high in the Google rankings. Thanks to Gaz Hall’s content marketing, my organic search results have been second to none, and at a fraction of the cost for our business.

Thankyou Gaz, Lucy and the rest of the SEO team for your great work and efforts to build up our niche online business. Together with Gaz Hall we have seen continued growth and significant improvements in our cost per conversion for our target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collated some of the most asked questions about SEO into a handy, jargon busting FAQ to help answer common queries about search engine optimisation as well as our own SEO services.

General Questions about Search Engine Optimisation

What exactly is SEO?

SEO (or optimising websites for search engines) is the process of getting free traffic from the organic SERPs on Google for your business. The idea is that the higher ranked the website is on the search engines and the more often it appears in the search results, the more likely a visitor is to click on it to visit. The long term positives of this are free, passive traffic to your website, month after month.

To clarify, with the help of an SEO agency, your website will attract an audience through Google who are interested in the products or services that your business offers as they have conducted a search for it and know exactly what they want.

How does Google choose which websites to rank?

Google ranks websites based on three key principles: Trust, Authority and Relevance.

  • Trust: Google wants to keep poor-quality, untrustworthy sites with no authority out of the search results, and keep high-quality, legitimate sites at the top.
  • Authority: This is your website’s overall strength in your market and is almost a numbers game, based on backlinks and visitor numbers.
  • Relevance: Google looks at the contextual relevance of a site and rewards relevant sites with higher rankings. This levels the playing field a bit, and might explain why a niche site or local business can often rank higher than a Wikipedia article.

On-page and Off-page: What's the difference?

On-page SEO is the process of ensuring that your site is readable to search engines. It involves making sure your website's interactive content is visible to search engines and that Google picks up the keywords that you want. It involves making sure that the technical elements of your site are correct in addition to the content on your pages reflecting your desired keywords.

Unlike on page SEO where you have full control of the content, off-page SEO depends on another web page to improve your website rankings on Google. Off page SEO (or off site SEO) primarily involves building links back to your business website. This can be done organically (by content marketing providing great content that people want to link back to) or by an award winning SEO company reaching out to high authority sites and asking them to put a link back to you on your site.

Due to the nature of the internet, webpages come and go and the search engines may not choose to index all pages. So this is an ongoing process and really depends on digital marketing experts obtaining new links that search engines deem to be important. Done correctly, link building increases the traffic to your site and its position on search engines as well as your brand visibility.

How do you stay ahead of Google’s updates?

Every now and then, Google releases a significant update to their algorithm, which can have a massive impact on the SEO campaign of brands and businesses from any industry. Our SEO consultancy has a number of tried and trusted channels which keep us informed of these updates to search queries results and what their focus is. This allows us to react accordingly and take any measures necessary to keep you ranking in that top spot.

How important is keyword research to SEO?

Firstly, if you rank your site highly for the wrong keywords, you can end up spending lots of time and effort with SEO services, only to discover the keywords you have targeted in your SEO campaigns don't receive any organic traffic. Secondly, if you haven't investigated the competitiveness of your keywords, you can end up investing lots of time and effort into a particular keyword, only to find it is far too competitive to rank, even on the first page. Using a third party SEO services provider with years of experience helps in this regard.

Does the usability of my site affect SEO?

Google are increasingly giving advantages to websites in their search queries results that provide a good experience for users on all devices. Usability has increased importance in search engine optimisation and you can gain an advantage simply by making your website easy to use. We are one of the few SEO agencies that has a heavy focus on usability for our best SEO services.

Why is link building so important to SEO?

Links are the currency of the world wide web. Each time a page links to another, it is a vote for the value of the page being linked to. Backlinks effectively pass authority from one website to another. If a page provides massive value to Internet users, it stands to reason it will be linked to from other websites. This is why links from third party websites are such a strong factor in Google's algorithm and any good UK SEO business or agency will help you in this regard.

Questions about our SEO Service

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Our SEO practices and years of experience in business SEO tell us that this can be anything from one month to three months depending on a number of different factors. For example, if you want to rank for your own brand and you have an established website then it can take just a few weeks if there is limited competition. However, if you have a new domain with unoptimised content, no backlinks and you are competing for a high volume, high difficulty keyword or phrase then SEO can take many months.

Our agency usually sees an increase in keyword rankings in the first 2-3 months based on our digital marketing strategies. This is after changes identified in the SEO audit have been made, content has been optimised and backlinks have been created and indexed by Google. If your website has been penalised due to poor link building tactics or negative SEO then it can take our search agency longer to see movement in search results via SEO.

It is important to appreciate that an SEO marketing campaign is a long term investment; albeit an investment that will reduce your reliance on advertising in the years to come. That is why choosing an agency like ours with a track record in quality marketing strategies is an excellent choice.

How does your SEO process work?

Our SEO agency starts by running a technical SEO audit on your site. Here any issues that may affect your rankings are identified and fixed. These may include solving pronlems around speed optimisation, core web vitals and other ranking signals flagged by recent algorithm changes. Our SEO consultants then work with you to identify the keywords you want to rank for. Content is then built to beat the competition for these keywords and optimised accordingly. Finally our team build up your site's ranking through the construction of high authority backlinks from third party sites by using content marketing and blogger outreach expertise. Our search agency approach to SEO consultancy services has seen consistent SEO results over the twenty years we've been providing best SEO services to clients across the UK and around the world.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of our SEO services depends on how much time and effort it will take to reach your goals. Factors that affect the price include the age of your domain, the competitiveness of your niche, the type of site (e-commerce, service, etc) and the number of keywords that you are targetting. Our SEO agency has packages that range from £500+ per month. You can find further details on our SEO prices page. Also, take a look at our SEO case studies (with Google analytics charts for transparency) and testimonial pages so that you can understand what benefits a particular SEO services marketing campaign has brought to both our customers' brand visibility as well as their sales and bottom line.

How do you report on your work?

At the end of every month you’ll receive a detailed SEO report, which will show your progress and visibility in the search engine rankings. This comprehensive report will include the following:

  • The SEO health of your site
  • Your Backlink profile
  • Organic Positions
  • Organic Keywords that you're ranking for
  • Ranking Visibility
  • Ranking Insights
  • Ranking Progress

We will also provide you with a summary of the SEO work that’s been carried out and what work we're going to do in the forthcoming month. You can see the progress of your chosen keyword phrases on our live SEO trackers and within your own Google analytics and search console properties.

Do you need access to my business website in order to carry out SEO?

After we've completed the SEO audit, there will be changes to make to your business website. We'll give you a comprehensive list of things that need to be changed. Depending on your preference, we can make these changes for you or either you or your web developer/designer can. If you'd like us to make the changes to your site as part of our SEO services then we would need access to your content management system (e.g. WordPress).

Do I have to enter into a contract?

No. We do ask you to commit to your SEO campaign for three months however we don't tie you into a contract. With SEO, improvements do not happen immediately and it can take search engines weeks to crawl, index and rank the relevant content and links. If the SEO project is larger in scope, we would ask for a commitment of six months but again this does not involve a contract.

Unlike many a London SEO agency, we have never asked clients to enter into contracts with us as we believe that the return on the search marketing investment into our SEO services pays for itself many times over. Why not contact us on the email address or phone number below to find out more?

What are your payment terms?

Like most internet service providers, local SEO providers and SEO experts, we ask our clients for payment upfront for the majority of our agency services.

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