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  I'm a Leeds SEO Consultant with 20+ years of successful experience.  

Let me help promote your business online with my Leeds SEO service.

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Reasons to Choose Me for SEO Leeds

  • I'm focused on driving qualified leads to your online presence with great conversion rates
  • My Leeds SEO company has an excellent track record of delivering long term results across even the most competitive industries
  • I'm honest, hardworking and focused on my client's needs
  • I provide the full range of SEO services to clients in Leeds including onsite and offsite SEO
  • As a Freelance SEO specialist, my prices are cost effective - more so than a SEO Company Leeds - my clients will agree that the results pay for my costs many times over
  • My company has helped promote a range of businesses, large and small, with a variety of budgets across West Yorkshire and the United Kingdom. Why not let me help grow your business?

Leeds SEO Agency Services

Your companies online presence can dictate the difference between decline and growth. If you don’t rank in the top 3 organically for your target terms then you’ll be losing as much as 60% of marketplace traffic, outside of top 10 you’ll likely get less than 10% clickshare.

Search Engine Optimization is more important now than ever before. Around 95% of all digital experiences begin with searches using sites like Google and Bing. As one of the UK's leading SEO Consultants, I know what it takes to get businesses like yours ranking ahead of the competition. Why not get in touch now for SEO website improvements that will help you on your way to page 1 and then position 1 on Google!

I provide the following search engine optimization services for organisations in Leeds and the surrounding area, all of which are tailored to your business or company needs:

SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy

 Understand your business

 Health checks and audits

 Research and planning

 Optimisation and Execution

SEO Audits

SEO Audits

 Technical analysis

 On-page analysis

 Off-page analysis

 Competitive research

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

 Blogger Outreach

 Content Production

 Content Placements

 Digital PR

Link Building

Link Building

 High domain authority sites

 Quality backlinks

 Contextual and do-follow

 No link farms

Competitor Monitoring

Competitor Analysis

 Identify opportunities

 Link research

 Traffic monitoring

 Rank tracking

Local SEO

Local SEO

 Google My Business

 Local Citations

 Local link building

 Local Digital PR

SEO Website Migration

SEO Website Migration

 Migration planning

 Support during process

 Post migration checks

 No effect to SEO rankings

Google Penalty Removal

Google Penalty removal

 Fix drops in ranking

 Address technical issues

 Link disavows

 Reconsideration requests

SEO Company Leeds

SEO is what I specialise in and I'm available on project based work and digital marketing campaigns, as well as on long term monthly fixed price contracts. I also offer white label SEO solutions to web design companies and marketing companies across Yorkshire and the United Kingdom to enable them to enhance their search engine ranking results for customers.

I help businesses in the Leeds and Yorkshire area get their website ranking on page 1 of Google. This drives more qualified traffic to your website which convert to paying customers. This is where many a SEO agency in Leeds miss the point (and SEO agency London companies too), all they focus on is ranking for a specific keyword term. I focus on delivering sales for you. So if you're interested in driving customers to your website then I'd like to work with you to build your business.

What you see is what you get. I report back to you on a regular basis with genuine, unembellished results. I keep you in the loop through the whole campaign process from start to finish.

My SEO service is fully dedicated to dominating Google through effective Search Engine Optimization for your Leeds based company. My online marketing SEO offering is highly effective and fully measureable. It includes the full range of services SEO consultants have to offer, including a technical audit of your web pages, content writing, extending your backlink profile and content marketing. All SEO campaigns are tailored to attract your target audience. A full range of what you get for my services and the SEO packages available can be found on the SEO pricing page. You can also see testimonials from a range of clients as well as case studies of e commerce and service companies which demonstrate the effectiveness of this type of digital strategy.

Gone are the days of companies saying you can’t measure the success of an SEO campaign – I do, and am always looking to be one of the best SEO company that Leeds has. The impact of SEO is becoming more important with the latest research showing 70-80% of users ignore the pay per click ads and focus on the organic results.

Search Engine Optimisation in Leeds

It wasn’t an accident that you were searching for "SEO company Leeds" or something similar on Google and landed on this website. That is the journey that I specialise in. I have a reputation for achieving top results in some of the toughest niches online.

My experienced SEO company will provide you with everything you need to get your business ranking on page 1 on the search pages and the results that you deserve:
  • On-page technical SEO to create a correctly structured website and rank highly on Google.
  • SEO copywriting to provide valuable content for the user and, more importantly, to attract visitors to your website via Google.
  • Developing organic 100% natural backlinks for the best quality high performance search engine promotion.
Because I don't have digital marketing agency staff to pay or business premises to upkeep, my prices are affordable and well worth your investment.

Focus on organic Search Engine Optimisation

Sometimes its difficult for a digital marketing agency, social media or web design company to provide effective SEO because its not their sole focus. Many SEO companies that you find on Google for search terms like 'SEO Company Leeds', 'SEO Agencies Leeds' or 'SEO Agency Leeds' also provide branding, PR, web design, web development, ecommerce, social media marketing and SEO in Leeds. I don't do this. I focus on organic search engine optimisation only as any good Leeds SEO agency should.

Fully Trackable SEO Campaigns

Apart from my fees, there is relatively little cost or work involved from your side to receive improved first page Google rankings. You don't need to pay for online advertising or spend hours feeding social media networks. (Not that I don't see the value in social media marketing and social media campaigns for branding purposes - I prefer direct inbound marketing based on an effective SEO strategy that is measurable and that generates real customers.) I work with you on your SEO strategy to ensure that your site's SEO is ready, write relevant copy to get you noticed and then create backlinks to promote your business in your niche. All of this is tracked and visible to you to monitor.

Working with Leeds Businesses

One of the biggest issues small to medium sized business owners have is 'why isn't my website generating leads?'

The main reason for this is usually because it wasn't built by web developers with SEO work and digital marketing in mind. Generating inbound traffic to your own website relies heavily on a web site that is optimised for this purpose. To rank websites higher on a search engine, a combination of search engine strategies is usually necessary. What gets implemented will depend on your business, goals, budget, and the competitive landscape.

The SEO potential of your website will be enhanced by effective keyword research, page optimisation, optimised content and links from authority sites to yours to deliver website traffic to your most lucrative landing pages.

A Comprehensive Process

I'll start with your business needs, ask lots of questions and determine your SEO needs. This will provide the platform for the rest of the activities that need to take place to launch your products, services or projects to ensure the outcome of my SEO work matches the results that your business websites deserve.

By using the latest marketing strategy, best SEO tools and techniques, my time tested SEO process along with the SEO knowledge that I've picked up over the last 20 years will help you address technical SEO issues such as site speed and poorly structured HTML putting you in a great position to propel your website up the search engine results pages. As part of your organisation's SEO team, I can provide you with insights into how your competitors are ranking higher than you. I'll then put strategies in place to combat this so that you'll move above them in the search engine results pages. I can make these technical, UX or content optimisation changes for you or advise you on how to do this to help transform your business online.

My many years of experience in web design, web development, user experience design (UX), optimisation and marketing of websites for small and large companies has given me a great understanding of what seo techniques are needed to get to position 1 on search engines and to reach your target market. Whether you have a .co uk or a .com domain, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are using the correct marketing strategies and that myself and my SEO team will be constantly watching over your website and monitoring the search results for you to ensure you keep your top ranking.

White Label SEO for Leeds Marketing Agencies

If you’re a Leeds agency, social media business, a web development agency or a web design company that is missing an effective SEO strategy from your portfolio, then white label SEO marketing services could be the answer to your problem. White label SEO is when I handle all your marketing agency SEO requests, so that you can take it and use it as your own work. I have several packages that you can offer to your customers which include enhancing your web design options, technical SEO, in depth keyword research, optimised high quality content creation, consultancy, audits, reporting and link building.

This SEO professional service provides you with the capability to scale your Leeds web design, social media marketing or digital agency without handling the work yourself. You get a personal service and quality search engine services from a digital marketing expert while branding the service as your own. Instead of building solutions from scratch, you have the capacity to expand your service offerings.

My monthly white label SEO services provides you and your clients with a real-time dashboard for complete visibility on campaign performance. All the information from Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console and our integrated rank tracking report is included to make it easier to communicate with clients. I can also schedule monthly calls with your clients to discuss the reports and any findings that come from them.

Local search for Leeds

I also provide a local SEO service for Leeds and the surrounding area that is designed to for your local business to dominate your competition on the first page on the major search engines. I will increase the number customers to your website that will convert to transacting customers. My national search engine optimisation service covers the whole country and generates new leads, sales and customers for your business. So why not choose me as your Leeds SEO company and let me help you take your business to the next level? I'll increase your visitor traffic, convert more customers and increase your ROI but not your overhead. All for a simple month by month fee. Get in touch or contact us to find out more.

Benefits of SEO

Search engine promotion can play a pivotal role in your overall revenue and business growth. My Leeds SEO agency has seen numerous businesses grow thanks to an increase in organic traffic and strongly believe in the benefits of SEO. Here are some of the key benefits of SEO as I see them:

  • An increase in organic traffic: The higher your company ranks on Google, the more visitors to your website and consequently the more clients you acquire through your successful SEO campaign.
  • Improved visibility: The higher your website ranks for a variety of search terms, the more often your brand is visible to potential clients
  • Brand credibility: Ranking in position one shows that you are the market leader and that don't need to rely on advertising to be there.
  • An increase in high quality traffic: Investment in a well developed digital strategy from an experienced SEO team means that you will hit potential clients at every stage of the buying funnel ensuring you are their choice when ready to make that decision.
  • SEO is an investment: All digital marketing agencies Leeds will agree that the money, time and effort spent on SEO is realised in the benefit of free traffic for the foreseeable future for many a company in Leeds.
  • Creates a higher ROI than other channels: According to research, SEO generated leads have a 14.6% close rate which is much higher than many traditional outbound leads which don't have the consent of the customer. This includes paid content marketing channels such as pay per click.
  • Infinitely Trackable: With search engine promotion from one of the best in the SEO industry, all KPIs can be tracked using analytics to review demographics, interests, locale and devices used to access the online presence for your company. Many other statistics can be analysed and reviewed too to determine where a user is at the decision making process, whether you're a service company or running an e commerce store.
  • User intent : As potential clients are already searching for your product or service by their consent, you only need to convince them to buy. This is where your content creation comes in - ensuring that the copy on your website is relevant to your SEO campaign. (This is just one part of your SEO strategy that any good content marketing company will help you achieve.)
  • Cost Effective : Instead of using Social Media, Paid Ads or content marketing advertising to make a one time sale, you are building up equity in your website which is an excellent digital strategy resulting in excellent Google results. When you stop the optimization work, your websites will still remain in the search engine rankings. You'll receive the benefits of consistent traffic for the work that you put in for months. No other internet marketing channel works as well as this.

Every SEO strategy that I create is designed from the ground up, based on your goals and the key elements of successful campaigns that I’ve delivered for hundreds of customers over the last twenty years of successful digital marketing.

Other SEO Companies in Leeds

Leeds SEO Agency

If you are looking for a marketing agency Leeds has the answer. This great Yorkshire city is the second largest provider of bespoke SEO campaigns and online marketing services outside of London. There are many design companies, social media marketing companies, website developers, PPC (pay per click) agencies and Leeds SEO agencies in the city that are offering search engine optimisation services. A search for "SEO agency Leeds" at the time of writing brings up:

  • SALT Agency
  • Blueclaw
  • Delete Agency
  • Wildfire
  • Epiphany Search
  • Sticky Eyes
If however, you're not looking for a Leeds SEO agency with all its expensive office overheads but a freelance consultant then why not contact us by phone? I find that phone calls are a very effective way to get straight into the details. This can then be followed up by a confirmatory e mail or a discussion with other members of your team such as your marketing director or managing director. I offer a cost effective service, many years of experience in the field, great customer service and a guarantee that your website will be on page one of Google with your desired search terms within 3-6 months.

Get in touch

To learn more about my SEO agency Leeds consultancy service then please contact us. My e mail address is (gaz@gazhall.com) and my contact number is 07477 628843. If you want to push your business forward using cost effective internet marketing then I look forward to hearing from you.