Google Penalty Removal

Google Penalty Removal

Have you seen a major drop off in visits to your website? Are you no longer ranking for keywords you used to before? Or have you fallen out of the Google index completely? If so, you may have been hit by a Google penalty.

If you have, don't panic: I can help you recover from this.

As a UK freelance SEO consultant, I love to study and understand Google's ever changing algorithms, Google's Quality Guidelines and how to adhere to these boundaries when planning and executing SEO campaigns. I have used this knowledge and my 20+ years of SEO experience to help many customers from lots of different industries recover from Google penalties.

If your rankings have started to take a dip or have plummeted then act now. These penalties can make or break a business.

Thats why I pride ourselves on a fast acting, responsive service.

What Causes Google Penalties?

Google penalties can be caused either off-site or on-site. Off-site issues are caused by unnatural links pointing to your site, sometimes out of your control; that is low quality links and external links from other sites. On site penalties are

Off-site issues

Google and most other search engines have been given manual penalties for years now to combat black hat link building techniques which are designed to give boosts in the search rankings. They can be caused by hiring a link building company to create bad links: you know the ones "100 site wide links for a tenner" or "100 high DA dofollow backlinks".

The purpose of these paid links is obviously to increase Google search traffic volumes but poor quality links can only do this in the short term, if at all. Hundreds of unnatural links or spam links pointing to your site from a substandard blog post (for example) circumvents Google webmaster guidelines and results in a link penalty.

Unnatural link penalties could be due unnatural links from low quality private blog networks, spammy forums, link directories, link networks or blog comments. They all probably have the same anchor text too for your money keywords.

On-site issues

In addition to poor links to your site, providing a substandard user experience for your audience can also be reason enough for Google to penalise your website. This could include keyword stuffing, cloaking, computer generated content, low quality, little or no content on a page, site thin content, scraped content, hidden text or spam on your site.

When Google finds an issue with your backlink profile or website content, they will take action against you.

Types of Penalty

This action could be one of the following:

Manual Penalty: This occurs when someone from within Google has manually reviewed your site and determined that it has breached one or more of their guidelines.

Algorthmic Penalty: This is where your site has triggered a safeguard built into Google's algorithm and Google has automatically devalued your site.

How do you remove Google Penalties?

My approach to removing Google penalties is threefold:

First, I perform a deep dive content audit, taking in considerations such as keyword density, cloaking, duplicate content and over-optimisation of both onpage content and factors such as page titles and headers.

Next, I look at your backlink profile and identify any links that are negatively affecting your ranking. This is done through Google search console and by using a myriad of search engine optimisation tools that I have either written or are publicly available. These are closed down by either contacting the site owners to ask for the links removed or by disavowing the spammy links.

If necessary, I will work with you to submit a reconsideration request to Google to get your site reinstated. This is only needed if you have received a manual penalty which is unusual (most penalties are algortithmic ones).

Nobody wants a Google penalty. The consequences of receiving a manual action can be devastating: lost organic search visibility, traffic, and revenue.

If you're uncertain as to whether your site has a penalty and of what type, or would like to understand if it is at risk because of its link profile, then don't hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation.