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I'm a UK SEO Specialist with 20+ years of experience of providing the maximum ROI to my clients.

I assist a wide range of businesses achieve their sales targets and business goals through innovative online marketing solutions.

I work with businesses of all sizes - from boutique startups to family-owned businesses, SMEs to multinational corporations.

Be Found on Google.
Get More Leads.
Convert More People.

I create long term SEO strategies that connect clients with their intended audience and bring rankings, results and revenue!

With my tried and tested approach to search engine optimisation, this SEO specialist will increase your site's visibility on the major search engines and tailor your SEO campaigns for positive impact and to achieve your desired results.

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Customer Testimonials

Many of my clients have been with me for some years, which is itself a testament to the strategies implemented and the results achieved.

The team at Gaz Hall have been a great asset to our SEO strategy. Over a few years of using unsuccessful SEO agencies, they were able to come on-board and turn our product's website ranking around. Great reporting processes and contact from an SEO expert. We will definitely continue to use their services

I was having trouble finding an ethical SEO company for our needs. Gaz Hall stepped up and helped me understand the process of SEO, the time it would take and the white-hat strategies they will use to get the best results. They not only achieve organic search results; they educate their customers to get the best result possible. Their customer service is also exemplary.

We are very pleased not only with the end result, but with the entire process of working with Gaz Hall, unlike other SEO agencies that we've used in the past. The amount of patience, guidance, and knowledge that they displayed throughout the whole process as our digital marketing company made them a very easy and enjoyable partner to work with.

After a disastrous period of penalties from Google for bad SEO decisions we made in the past, the team at Gaz Hall came to our rescue. They succeeded in lifting our Google penalties, disavowing our spammy backlinks and putting us back onto page 1. I'm forever grateful for their hard work and diligence during those difficult times.

My business competes against other firms that have huge advertising budgets to pay large agencies to keep them high in the search results. Thanks to Gaz Hall’s content marketing, my organic search results have been second to none, and at a fraction of the cost.

Thankyou Gaz, Lucy and the rest of the team for your great work and efforts to build up our niche online business. Together with Gaz Hall we have seen continued growth and significant improvements in our cost per conversion for our target audience.

Free SEO Consultancy

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If you'd like a free SEO consultation to discuss your company's SEO requirements then don't hesitate to get in touch.

When I've received your details, I'll get in touch to schedule a time for us to talk through your project - even if you're just looking for some tips and advice from an SEO consultant.

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How I Can Help Your Business

As one of the UK's most experienced SEO specialists, my focus is to engage your target market and convert them into paying customers. As a leading SEO consultant, my effective search engine marketing campaigns are tailored to your business goals and drive SEO results you need to increase visibility and achieve success.

The process that I use to fulfill your objectives consists of the following:

Defining An SEO Strategy

When it comes to search engine optimization and digital marketing, no customer is alike. An effective search engine optimization strategy requires extensive initial planning, ongoing bench marking and data analysis, and continuous updating to ensure that you are able to rank and retain your position in the search engines. It should be specifically tailored to your business, to produce the best results. Each niche, keyword, business, or region is very distinctive and will require a unique set of factors to ensure a successful campaign.

My SEO consultancy has developed and served specialised SEO campaigns for a large and diverse portfolio of loyal clients from a variety of sectors, based here in the UK and internationally. Years of experience in the SEO industry allow me to develop results-driven marketing strategies that build your business. My in depth SEO audits, keyword research, competitor analysis and use of proprietary tools enables me to create tailored strategies driving growth and maximising sales.

The strategy that I define will be include a critical analysis from the ground up, from technical, infrastructure and pillar content to link profile & site authority. Furthermore, I will adjust your strategy every month based on the trends I observe.

Ensuring Your Website is Built Correctly

It's crucial for your site to be optimised the day it's launched, but if that's not the case, I am here to help with your on site SEO.

If your website is not intuitive to a new visitor, and they feel that it is too much work to identify the correct actions to get the outcome they need, then they will back out and visit the next search result in a hurry. In addition, if a client's website is not up to the required Google standards, Google will demote the site in the search engine rankings. Ultimately search engines want a positive user experience for all and hiring an SEO specialist (or SEO consultant) can help with your user engagement.

Technical SEO is becoming more and more important with each passing year. There are many code related ranking factors that can either hurt your rankings or prevent you from reaching your full potential. As the SEO experts will tell you, a lower quality score will cause Google to suppress your page on their search results page, which can be detrimental to your traffic.

I will perform a technical SEO audit of your website to ensure it adheres to Google's quality standards. This will involve checking all technical elements for optimal indexing including, but not limited to, website architecture, meta tags, internal links, title tag optimisation and schema mark up. When these things are not done properly the site's rankings will suffer.

(Incidentally, internal links are a very powerful method to identify relevant content to the search engines and your readers. Any good SEO specialist will tell you that a well thought out internal links strategy is an important facet of a search engine optimization SEO plan.)

As someone with a background in programming, I can assure you that I can handle any technical SEO need or, alternatively, advise yourself or your team on the technical SEO changes that need making.

Researching Keywords

Choosing the right keywords to incorporate into your SEO strategy starts with extensive research into your market, your competitors, and the traffic habits of your ideal customer. Keywords make up the foundation of a search query because they are simple indications of the actual content or information that the searcher is looking for.

My keyword research starts by analysing your Google Search Console and Google Analytics data, as well as data from a number of key industry databases to identify numerous keywords for your specific niche.

From there, I will develop both short-tail and long-tail keywords designed to bring high-value traffic to your site. This will include factors such as user intent, monthly search volumes and keyword difficulty.

Its worth bearing in mind that the way we speak isn't necessarily the way we search, meaning the keywords you may think have value, may not produce much return at all. I'm extremely proficient in determining under-utilised keywords and capitalising on those terms for my clients.

Studying Your Competitors

Along with the ongoing keyword research, I will investigate what your top rivals are doing and develop a search engine marketing plan based on the SEO they have performed. I'll conduct exhaustive competitive research in order to identify new link building & marketing opportunities. Here the focus is on narrowing the deficit between you and them.

The end product here is a detailed analysis of the keywords that your clients are ranking for and a solid understanding of how they have achieved this. From here we can determine what your target keywords are and what landing pages we will enhance to ensure your target market reaches your site.

Helping Grow Your Website Content

Content is one of the most important elements of an effective search engine marketing plan. A big part of the role of an SEO consultant is focused on optimising content to make it relevant for your target audience and to drive conversions.

You must be able to provide useful, accurate, and high-quality content to your target audience so I will review your existing content, identifying where to optimise, what content to create, where we can add new pages and what pages to consolidate based on search interest and user data.

I can work with your editorial and marketing teams to formulate new content or provide you with content creation guidelines to enhance your content marketing efforts.

Building The Authority of Your Site

Links are the bedrock of the Google algorithm, and so securing high quality placements for your brand forms the core of many SEO tasks. This, in turn, helps ensure your website grows in authority and search engine ranking, increases your lead volume and provides you with more sales.

I look for link building opportunities where your brand can collaborate with related niches. With a major focus on quality and relevancy, my link building strategies earn high-value backlinks and will get you the link growth you need to rank, even for the most competitive keywords.

Ranking Your Website on Google

Needless to say, the main way that an SEO specialist can help your business is by bringing in new customers. With higher search engine rankings from specific keywords, you will receive more relevant traffic from search engines.

When done correctly, SEO offers amazing marketing benefits and allows your company to compete with well-known and larger companies and brands on the search engines. An experienced SEO expert will ensure that this happens.

Evaluating, Adjusting and Monitoring Progress

Reporting is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. The only way to grow your business effectively is by making informed decisions. By monitoring your SEO efforts, we gain actionable insights that help us improve your SEO.

While you focus on operating and growing your business offline, you can relax knowing that an SEO Specialist is researching keywords and phrases, creating effective SEO campaigns, monitoring the results, and adjusting the techniques as necessary to draw more visitors.

Why Choose Me As Your SEO Specialist?

The first and foremost reason is this:

My customers rank highly for all the keywords I promote for them and so can you.

Other reasons include:

  • I have many years of commercial experience in digital marketing.
  • I offer an integrated search offering; blending technology, creativity and insight to solve a variety of SEO challenges and am widely regarded as one of the top and most reliable SEO consultants in the UK.
  • I take time to learn about my client's goals and visions and create effective marketing strategies that promote their goals every step of the way.
  • I go the extra mile by monitoring your campaigns and optimizing your strategy again and again.
  • From eCommerce to local SEO and more, I'm the SEO Specialist you need to enhance your growing business.
  • I have many years experience in optimising websites on a variety of platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Hubspot, Woocommerce, Opencart, Wordpress and many others.
  • I use the latest SEO tools to improve SEO positions
  • I am committed to a strong work ethic, proactively finding innovative solutions for your digital marketing strategy.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization SEO is a very popular type of digital marketing, but the term can be confusing for the uninitiated. The fact that SEO isn't tangible makes it difficult for people to understand what is being done. Therefore its important to work with SEO Specialists who understand the term and have experience of achieving search engine results.

Achieving search engine results is an important aspect of any holistic marketing plan, and for good reason: It is by far one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business.

Here are some more benefits of SEO:

  • SEO increases the traffic to your website: Those who focus on quality marketing in their SEO campaign will rank higher than those who do not.
  • SEO helps create a positive user experience: User experience (UX for short) has become a major ranking factor for Google and other search engines.
  • The SEO process assists in producing great content: Quality content is still a critical part of any digital marketing campaign, as any SEO consultant will verify.
  • SEO is highly targeted: Users are already looking for information relating to your product/service online via search engines like Google and Bing.
  • SEO is great for branding: Businesses who combine all their resources in SEO set themselves up as leaders in their industry.
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO is a long term investment: SEO takes time, but if you do it the right way the first time and don't cut corners, you can stay positioned at the top for years to come.
  • SEO will always give you a high rate of return: it is the primary way in which your customers are researching and communicating in modern times.

As you can see, achieving successful search results is a key aspect of any online marketing strategy.

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SEO Specialist Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the following FAQs will answer any questions you have regarding search engine optimization. If not, don't hesitate to contact me:

Why Use An SEO Specialist?

While it may be easy to understand the importance of search marketing in theory, not all businesses may have the resource or time to invest in it themselves – which is where an SEO Specialist comes in.

An SEO Expert can help optimise your site and achieve the results you are looking for. This is because an SEO specialist specialises in ranking online properties.

Why Choose An SEO Specialist Instead Of An SEO Agency?

When you deal with an SEO consultant like myself, you're dealing with the guy who's doing the work. An SEO specialist can explain to you exactly what you need to know. An agency will allocate an account manager to you who will receive and translate information from other members of their team. Whilst you do have more depth in an SEO agency, you're paying extra for those overheads; costs which a freelance SEO specialist doesn't have.

Also, on the subject of pricing, many SEO agencies will lock you down into a long term contract. A good SEO specialist will charge a monthly retainer with no contract as they are sure they can deliver the results.

Freelance SEO specialists have the knowledge, skills, and tools that enable them to carry out the task in the most efficient way possible. SEO Specialists will work hard to bring more visibility to your business and help you outrank your toughest competition.

How Do I Choose The Best SEO Consultant?

When selecting an SEO Consultant for your business, you should look for a specialist with a good track record in achieving Google results. Not just for low competition keywords, but also for highly competitive keywords or phrases.

For example, the searches term "SEO consultant" and "SEO specialist" are very competitive and you probably found me using one of those search terms. (As I've mentioned, I've ranked startups and established businesses, small and large, on Google for many years now.) Many an SEO consultant doesn't rank for those kind of terms.

Why Should We Choose You As Our SEO Specialist?

As a leading UK SEO Consultant, I have been helping customers get the SEO traffic that they deserve for over twenty years now.

My secret to a long success in this difficult marketplace lies with my unique and custom approach to each client, which is based on a data-driven planning phase, implementation, and upkeep, as well as a strong focus on customer satisfaction. I ensure every SEO solution that I implement generates great results for my clients.

I also focus on building loyal relationships with my clients because I genuinely care about their success.

There isn't much that scares me these days, so if you have an internet marketing challenge, I'd love to chat with you about it.

Why Won't My Website Rank?

All websites are capable of ranking on Google however, there may be a number of factors that are stopping you reaching your full potential. You may need help with your site's coding, you may be targeting the wrong keywords, your internal links may be incorrect, more links from other websites may be causing you problems.

It is an SEO specialist job determining what aspects of your onsite and/or offsite SEO are causing you problems. Enlisting the services of an SEO consultant to help identify the issues is your first step forward.

How Fast Do You Get Results on the Search Engines?

As any SEO consultant will tell you, the timescales for SEO success largely depend on how competitive the SEO climate is for your market. For most of my clients, they see results within the first one to four months. In some respects the timescales here can be in the client's hands, as I may have to wait on them to write content, modify the website, update internal links and the like.

Please bear in mind that these results are sustainable and long lasting. Some so called SEO Specialists take shortcuts that are not sustainable and don't last. Although they may lead to fast initial results, rankings will soon drop and penalties will ensue leaving your business in tatters and the SEO expert scratching their heads.

Please also bear in mind that, even after your business has become successful with the help of SEO, it is still a profitable strategy in the long run, as your competitors will always be working to outrank you.

Do You Have A Team Working With You?

Yes I do. I pride myself in keeping all work in-house, under my control. This means that every single piece of work that goes into your SEO campaign is done by someone who is accountable to your needs, trusted by myself and a valued member of my SEO team.

An SEO specialist job is a difficult role to recruit for. Anyone offering career advice doesn't necessarily know what the role entails and many think it has something to do with how to manage social media accounts. Therefore I feel blessed that I have a talented team with good communication skills working with me.

How Do You Report Results to Us?

When you choose me as your SEO Specialist, you can be confident that I am results-driven and data-focused every step of the way. Every bit of data is tracked, analyzed, and optimised for each specialist SEO campaign. I work hard to focus on the important pieces of data and avoid “vanity metrics” that many SEO specialists may like to point to when showing their progress.

SEO reports are automated and provided to you on a daily basis so that you have full visibility of SEO progress. By monitoring your SEO efforts, we both gain actionable insights that help improve your search engine optimization.

Do you do Local Search Engine Marketing?

Yes I do. My bricks and mortar clients know it is extremely beneficial to rank high in the organic local search listings because it can drive tons of targeted traffic to their local businesses. Since local and traditional SEO already work together well, combining the two optimises my clients search results.

How Do You Keep Abreast of Google Algorithm Changes?

Quality search engine optimization is a field that is constantly changing and evolving however many of the guiding principles have remained over the years.

I stay up to date on every innovation and change surrounding the industry. I constantly research the latest methods in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing algorithmic changes that Google presents us.

Do You Offer Website Migration Assistance?

Yes, I do. Correctly implementing a website migration can be a difficult process and many fail to consider the effect it may have on your organic traffic. Using a competent SEO specialist during a website migration will ensure you don't adversely affect your SEO rankings during or after the move.

Do You Do International SEO?

I have experience working on a number of multilingual and international sites. An effective international SEO strategy put together by an experienced SEO specialist is vital to establish your brand’s presence in a global market.

Can You Help Mitigate A Google Penalty?

I know that the consequences of receiving a Google penalty can be devastating: lost organic search visibility, traffic, and revenue. Recovery from such a penalty is an experienced SEO specialist job and not something that should be left to a new SEO manager.

Luckily, I have helped a number of clients recover from both penalties caused by off site and on site issues, no doubt caused by an inexperienced SEO consultant.

Do you do Other Forms of Internet Marketing?

Being an SEO consultant is a full time job and requires a very specific skill set. I ensure SEO is at the forefront of everything that I do so don't offer other marketing services such as PPC, content marketing, or email marketing although I have done this before for past clients and can recommend trustworthy suppliers.

I am sometimes asked to manage social media accounts in conjunction with search engine optimization SEO but I generally refuse as I'm not a specialist in this area.

What SEO Tools Do You Use?

As well as constantly developing my own proprietary SEO tools, I use (and have used) many of the SEO industry standard tools to ensure I can provide you with the SEO services that you need. These tools include, but are not limited to, Moz Pro, Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Ubersuggest, WooRank, Majestic SEO, Screaming Frog, Serpstat, Raven, Mangools, Google Analytics and Search Console, Serpstat, Sitebulb, Whitespark and SpyFu.

How Did You Become An SEO Specialist?

I worked in web design and web development for many years targeting user experience and user engagement on a client's site, the company's own website and other sites. These aspects are important to understand for an SEO specialist's job as they are the basics of onsite SEO.

I then moved into search engine optimization and online marketing and developed my SEO skills with two large offshore UK businesses. Due to the area that these businesses operated in, position 1 Google search engines results were the only way to bring in more traffic. We didn't have an SEO consultant to turn to so I had to work to correct meta tags, analyze data, identify trends, estimate lead volume and identify link building opportunities.

SEO provided me a way to harness my technical skills and marketing efforts to bring in more sales and more traffic for the sites that I worked with. I cannot think of another job I'd rather have than that of an SEO specialist!

Still after 20 years, I am constantly fascinated by how customers search and how understanding that and working with it can bring success in the major search engines.

What Advice Would You Give An Aspiring SEO Specialist?

The first thing I would say is to get experience developing websites (in HTML), analysing other people's sites and optimising them as much as you can. Google offers many SEO tools and advice on how to develop in this area as do many other vendors in the marketplace.

You also need to understand online marketing, particularly aspects such as user intent, search volumes, keyword difficulty, marketing funnels and to constantly review this knowledge as internet marketing changes very quickly. Communication skills are important too.

If you want to set up as a freelance SEO specialist then you need to work out what average salary you want to take home every month and then work out if this average salary is achievable. You should be estimating monthly costs and making sure that you can make a living as an SEO expert.

SEO is not a problem that you can just throw money at. Some lessons can only be learned from experience, often the most important lessons.

Hire Me as your SEO Specialist

To find success in today's competitive business world, you need to find a reliable SEO Specialist that brings you closer to your business goals. I work hard to be the solution you need for better results and am committed to assisting businesses in achieving their digital marketing objectives through SEO.

You need a marketing strategy that will ensure your business is visible online. What you do this year will have compounding results year over year as you gain more and more visibility. Working with an SEO Specialist such as myself will help you achieve this goal. Why not get in touch with me today to start moving your business up in the search engine results?

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