Local SEO Service

Investing in local SEO services will ensure local customers find your web site and engage with your business. Localised searches are becoming more and more popular and SEO campaigns are a great way of taking advantage of this change in consumer behaviour.

Local SEO Service

86% of customers use a search engine to find local businesses online. 76% of local searches result in a call. Local searches lead to local sales.

Small businesses face different challenges when marketing their companies than larger brands and businesses. For local businesses, showing up at the top of search results is important, but only if it's in the area your company serves. That's where local SEO marketing comes in. Local SEO is essentially about communicating the local relevance of your web pages to the search engines.

25% of business searches on Google are now location-specific and the majority of searches are now conducted on mobile devices

Local search engine optimisation is also about the process of ranking your Google My Business listing higher on the Search Engine Results page with the intent of increasing phone calls and website visits from certain search queries.

1 in 5 Google search queries are location-specific. Are you outperforming in local search?

What local SEO services and SEO have in common is they aim to bring in more qualified leads to your business by bringing more traffic to either your website or your local business listing.

The Benefits of a Local SEO Service

  • A local search engine optimisation service will increase your websites rankings in the search results and in the local pack
  • Local SEO receives the highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels
  • Local SEO services help a local audience in your geographic area easily find your business on their mobile devices
  • Using local business seo services increases foot traffic
  • Local SEO services ensure your business is found on Google maps and through other navigational apps

How do I rank well in local search?

As the best local SEO agencies will tell you, ranking well in local listings via the help of a local seo specialist will put you above your local competitors and enhance your existing online presence.

Local SEO works really well for small business owners, local services, service locations and for brick and mortar stores. In fact, for a local target audience few methods of digital marketing work better. But how do you get your local website ranking higher?

There are three core elements of local SEO ranking. These factors will determine how well you do in local search:

  • Proximity: How close is your business to the searcher?
  • Relevance: How relevant to the search query are your products and services?
  • Prominence: What do other consumers say about your products and services?

My Approach to Local SEO

As a local SEO consultant, I utilise various tools, techniques and local SEO tips to improve your local search visibility online. I track what local SEO strategies worked with similar clients, so I know I'm executing what I know to work. I am diligent when making decisions for your SEO campaign to ensure the strategy is customised to meet your exact needs

Below are some of the methods that can be used to promote your business by local SEO experts:

Technical Local SEO Audit

In much the same way as appearing on page 1 nationally or internationally, a successful local SEO campaign depends on getting the basics of your website right. One of the top local SEO ranking factors is having the technical aspects of your website working correctly. Website optimisation and onpage SEO is the first step in improving your google listing and local rankings and a local SEO audit is the start of this process.

Website Localisation

Here our affordable local SEO services make sure that your website is local to the area that you want to target. To do this, we ensure that your location is added naturally on the pages in your site. If you have multiple locations, you may need to create targetted pages for each location.

Local Keyword Research

When the best local SEO company starts optimising a website, they'll look at the search intent of potential customers. Local intent identifies the local keywords or location based keywords that you want your location pages to rank for.

Citation building

Next the local SEO services company needs to ensure your site and local citations appear in local directories or sites that are relevant to the local area. Local link building, one of the most important aspects of all local seo services, ensures these sites list your location and URL so the search engines understand the link between the two.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business page is an important element of local SEO. Having a Google My Business page ensures that your Google My Business profile appears right when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on a search engine such as Google Search or Google Maps.

Managing reviews and ratings

Online reviews of your local site perform two functions. Firstly, they will help showcase your business and secondly they send signals to Google that you are a trusted business. The amount of reviews you receive, the overall quality of the reviews and the authority of the review sites themselves are all important factors for local SEO.

Adding schema markup to your pages

Schema or structured data markup is HTML code that gives Google additional information about your business/website, and helps them to better understand the data being displayed on your website. This data can be local data which helps to lift your site in the local search rankings.

Build backlinks

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor for local organic results and for the local snack pack, they're the second most important factor (after proximity, categories and keywords). Local lLink building is an important aspect of local SEO and naturally obtained backlinks from well-regarded websites help search engines recognize your site as a trusted source of information. This includes local link building with newspapers, bloggers and business associations.

Its estimated that 1 in 3 search queries typed into a standard Google search bar are about places, and finding out information about locations. This, combined with Google giving more personalised search results, means location is a key factor when Google serves results for users. A local SEO agency London that ensures your site appears in the local search results is a cost effective way to attract potential customers and to boost your business online.

Every small business has different local SEO services needs based on industry, current online reputation, age of business, and location. Therefore its imperative that you select the select the best local business SEO services based on your business' needs and objectives.


My local SEO company can provide an effective local SEO strategy to maximise your exposure across organic search results. Contact me to find out more.