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We’re a London SEO agency, focused on results and trusted by some of the UK's largest companies

London is our home, but we service many companies across the United Kingdom and Europe and have done so for over 20 years.

A well crafted and maintained London SEO campaign by our company will transform your business’ online presence, driving qualified traffic to your web property.

Our team can localise campaigns to your targeted area to ensure your website is reaching the intended audience whilst still remaining relevant to them.

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Why Choose Us As Your SEO Agency London?

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The following are some of the benefits that our SEO company in London can offer:

  • Comprehensive SEO services geared to your specific business needs.
  • Fairly priced Google optimisation, providing you with excellent SEO results in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Latest knowledge of Google algorithm updates to allow you to capitalise on the most recent changes and propel your search position upwards.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced SEO consultants that will work with you to understand your business and promote your website.
  • Versatile SEO marketing techniques that will ensure maximum exposure for your brand.

London SEO Services

Whether it’s improving rankings through link building, advising on web design, working on your global SEO strategy, producing engaging content, key-word research, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), working on local SEO strategies or running our well-renowned site audits, our experienced London SEO consultants know how to rank businesses well in many different industries.

SEO Strategy

Technical SEO Consultancy
Research & Planning
Optimisation & Execution
Google Penalty Removal

SEO Audit

Detailed Technical Audit
Over 200 Signals Assessed
Actionable Reports
Implementation Assistance

Keyword Research

Keyword Discovery
Volumes, Difficulty & Intent
Long Tail and Short Tail
Analysis & Prioritisation

Competitor Analysis

Determine Your Standing
Identify Gaps
Discover Opportunities
Set Benchmarks

Content Strategy

SEO Guidelines Followed
Content Gap Analysis
Content Guidelines
Article Writing

Link Building

High Authority Sites
Relevant & Authoratitive
Ethical Techniques
Natural Backlink Placement

Local SEO

Attract a Local Audience
Better Conversion Rates
Long Lasting Rankings
Enhanced Traffic

Website Migration

Migration Planning
Ongoing Support
Post Migration Checks
No Effect On Rankings

London SEO Agencies Team

Free SEO Consultancy

At Search Authority, we have our own team of search consultants dedicated to coordinating all aspects of SEO marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients’ organisations and businesses. Your return on investment is guaranteed as your website reaches the top of the search engine results for the right keywords and search terms through our expert search engine optimisation services.

We are specialists in ranking websites and providing you with high quality traffic. We have expertise in both on and off page search engine optimisation to give you the best service that London SEO agencies can offer. Our digital marketing experts can implement our unique approach across a range of businesses, without impacting the relevance or quality of our work. Our award winning SEO uses ethical methods to drive long term traffic and results that will have a positive impact on your business.

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The Benefits of SEO to your London Business

Achieving a high ranking position in the organic search results through an SEO agency campaign will not only increase your organic traffic but also increase your industry authority and customer trust, creating a stable long-lasting position on Google and online brand profile.

Working For You

The goal of any good SEO in London is to draw visitors into an attractive and efficient website by building a strong foundation of authority and credibility. If you have a beautifully designed site with a clean, fast and enjoyable user experience, that’s great. But you need people to find it. That’s why good practise focuses on becoming easily discoverable by building trust in the search engines.

As a digital marketing agency, we take a fresh approach to each campaign and our SEO strategies take into account both Google’s ranking factors and the needs of your business. When they're looking for an SEO company London businesses know where to come.

Whatever techniques we together decide to use; your business’ online presence will greatly benefit through the work from our SEO experts in London. We know SEO works and we want to use it to bring potential customers to your door.

Best Practise SEO Company

With website optimization currently the fastest evolving sector within digital marketing, it is essential to not only be up to date with SEO best practices but instead be ahead of the curve, and this is where our focus lies. Our SEO company in London continually manages to outrank and outperform very large corporations with a 7 figure marketing budget for even our local SEO London clients. This is due to the fact that we are constantly analysing, testing and researching new and cutting edge SEO techniques. And applying best practise SEO in innovative ways.

Without organic SEO, companies would be at the mercy of Google, appearing only when Google deemed it necessary to show them in the search results. With our SEO agency London service, you will be telling Google where you want to appear.

Search Engine Optimisation For All Platforms

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SEO Specialist Hubspot
Shopify SEO
Woocomerce SEO Specialist
Wordpress SEO Specialist

Our SEO Services

SEO Audit

We start each campaign with an in-depth audit on your website. This not only acts as a checklist but is absolutely essential and ensures basic functionalities are in place and that everything will function properly in Google's eyes. The technical audit also identifies growth opportunities to optimise your website and helps to form the strategy to drive your organic traffic forward.

Keyword Research

This is the practice of discovering what users type into Google when performing a search. Researching key words and phrases is an integral facet of any optimisation service. Before we can optimise a website or embark on a campaign, we need to know which are the right phrases to rank for.

Competitor Research

Our competitor analysis takes your known competitors, conducts a competitive market analysis to find unknown competitors, and analyses their digital profiles. We analyse key components, compare their digital presence to your own and provide detailed insight into where the opportunities lie.

On-Page Optimisation

Our content optimisation service is all about creating a natural and rewarding experience for your visitors that also tells search engines what they need to know. We’ll make sure to include phrases identified by key-word research as well as your onsite copy.


Reporting plays a key role in any digital marketing service. Reporting help you understand the work being done as part of your campaign and provide you with valuable insight. Transparent reporting also makes it easier to work with us to achieve your business goals.

Additional Search Engine Optimisation services

Every customer is different and we have expertise in many other aspects of SEO that are outside of our standard process.

These include the following (but if its not on the list, please ask as we probably have experience of it!)

International Optimisation for Search Engines

Expand your reach far beyond London and the United Kingdom. Optimise your website in order to reach foreign markets. Beyond the exponential revenue growth opportunity, internationalising your SEO is a cost effective way of discovering new markets and gauging overseas interest in your company’s products and services.

White Label SEO

Our London based SEO team have worked on many different SEO projects, nationally, internationally and localised London campaigns. Whatever your client needs in order to rank well, we can work on. We'll provide you with a high quality white label SEO solution to meet your clients' needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

In simple terms, it is the science / art of increasing the quality and quantity of visitors to your website by helping it rank higher in the “organic”, “free”, “natural” or “non-paid” listings that appear on Google. When you're looking for customers online, SEO is the way to deliver results.

How does Google rank websites?

The short answer is that Google has created a complex and very special algorithm, which assigns every website a value of importance. As a result, the website with the most relevance, will be shown first in the search results. Vital to the optimisation of your website is your SEO company in London adhering to the numerous requirements set out by Google's webmaster guidelines.

Why does our business need your SEO services?

The answer is simple. To stand out among the many others within your business and industry niche. When the optimisation is done correctly by a top SEO consultant, it greatly spreads your brand presence among prospective clients who may be looking for the exact solution that you are providing.

How do I know you'll deliver?

Any Search Engine Optimization agency is only as good as their Google ranking. Search for terms such as 'SEO agency London' or 'London SEO services' and you'll find us there. We rank in position one for search engine terms such as 'SEO consultant' too and many more are on the first page. All of these search terms have a high difficulty rating and we're competing against innumerable SEO service providers to attain the number one spot.

We're happy with our proven track record and the organic rankings of our customers.

Many of our customers operate in highly competitive markets too and are ranked at the top of the organic search results for their target keywords. We're happy for you to talk to them to determine whether our organic SEO has made a difference to their search rankings.

How long does your SEO Agency London service take?

Many firms will tell you that it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing results. That's generally accurate, but bear in mind this is when you start seeing results, and SEO results grow over time. The thing to remember is that it’s not a quick fix, it can take a few months for any notable results to come through.

A new website can take a long time to rank (up to a year as you're competing against established competitors) but domains with high domain authority can take a lot less time.

The time taken to get on the first page depends on many aspects including the difficulty of your target key words and phrases, the competitiveness of your niche and how fast you as a business can move on the recommendations that we make.

What are your fees?

We work on a reasonable monthly retainer, which covers all of our work for you. This includes an initial audit, key-word research, competitive research, link building and reporting.

We base our fees on the number of keywords that you want to target. Our starting price is £500 for 5 keywords and there is no contract to sign. Any extra key words are priced at £100 each.

No need for us to offer a free quote. No other trusted SEO agency in London offers such a great deal!

Do you do local SEO for London?

Yes we do. We many have local customers based in London and the local area who have a top ranked page for their product or service in the search results courtesy of our top ranking SEO Consultant London.

Is SEO worth it?

SEO is worth the money if it's done well as it can create a stream of qualified traffic, more leads and business enquiries for many years to come. No paying money out for web design or advertising - your website will just sit there and generate traffic, leads and more customers for you.

Is SEO for you?

More and more people start their buying experience with a search engine and it's here in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) that the battles with your competitors are being fought. Ranking highly for the right keyword and terms isn’t just something nice to have. It’s a long term investment and a business necessity.

Do you offer a free SEO consultation?

Yes we do. Please get in touch and our SEO agency in London will organise a free consultation for you!

Do you offer a free SEO audit?

No, we don't. The audits that are performed at our London SEO services are not automated and involve a lot of work from our SEO experts. A free SEO audit that you'll find offered online is usually automated and offers very little value.

Do you offer Google Ads?

No, we don't offer PPC management. We know that SEO works, results in more traffic and is the most effective form of search marketing. We specialise in SEO campaigns through organic SEO and would suggest that if you want to deliver results through pay per click ads then you use a specialist agency.

SEO Services

Delivering transformational and sustainable growth for our customers does not come easily. It takes expertise, creativity, time and meticulous planning to formulate a digital strategy for London businesses such as yours to meet your business objectives and generate more traffic to your web pages.

It takes passion, innovation, excellent customer service and an absolute refusal to finish any job until it is perfect. Our London SEO experts use our white hat SEO techniques and experience to get our clients websites on the first page of the search results using our great service. This could mean ecommerce SEO services, a bespoke SEO service or adapting your current on page SEO tactics; we'll do whatever it takes to grow your website traffic. If you need more business from search engines and want to increase sales then, London businesses, we are here for you.

At Search Authority, we believe that everything starts with a conversation. So, if you are interested in an SEO agency in London, contact us today and we can help you get your SEO campaign started as soon as possible with our open and transparent approach.

Why not get in touch with an SEO consultant at our London SEO Agency today to discuss your digital prospects futher?