More Context For Structured Data Issues In Search Console

It has always been notoriously hard to try and identify why a particular structured data issue arose. Google didn't give a lot of detail about what was wrong - it just provided you with an error. Even if you had an error or warning, you may still see the result of the structured data on your search listings.

To address that issue, Google have announced that Search Console is now adding more context to its error reporting.

Context Around Structured Data Issues: An Example

An example given is where a website does not give the author's name in Review Snippet markup. The error that is currently reported in Search Console is Missing Field Name. With the new changes in place, that error will be named Missing field "name" (in "author").

As you can see, the information in the brackets gives the extra information to show you what specific errors need to be fixed with your structured data markup.

This is how the error used to look without any structured data context:

Old Structured Data Error Message in Search Console

This is how the new error message looks with structured data context:

Old Structured Data Error Message in Search Console

Google are keen to point out that this will not affect how Search Console detects errors, and all the issues that are being closed will be replaced by a new issue with the additional context in the issue name.

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