How to get Content Ideas from Search Console

An important part of any good SEO campaign is creating good supporting content and what better place to look for this than Search Console.

Search Console is a great tool to find fresh content ideas for your blog, and the purpose of this post is to explain how to do this. This technique works especially well if your site has been live for some time and has been serving hundreds of thousands of page impressions.

How to find Fresh Content Ideas using Regular Expressions

  1. 1. Go into the Search results section in search console. (If you don't have this section because you have no Discovery data it will be under the Performance section).
  2. 2. Add a query filter.
  3. 3. Change "queries containing" to "Custom (regex)", and put the following string in the search field (greyed out area that says "Enter regular expression (regex)").
^(who|what|where|when|why|how|was|did|do|is|are|aren't|won't|does|if)[" "]

This will give you every query that you've had impressions for with any of the above operators - basically questions, which make great short info posts.

From here, export to excel, order by impressions descending and either filter for 0% CTR or position over 20/30/40 to get a list of things people are searching for that you're not ranking for.

Another Useful Regular Expression

Another regular expression for finding any queries of 8 or more words is:

([^” “]*\s){7,}?

Using Google Search Console in this way helps you uncover lots of potentially powerful supporting content ideas and repeating the process every few months to find new ideas is worth while too.

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