How To Publish Content On Google News

Google Search can show links to news content in web results. Google Search also has a top stories carousel which highlights relevant news stories. There is also a News tab at the top of Google Search which helps people narrow their search results to focus on news-related results.

How To Appear In Google News

Previously, Google had an application process that sites had to go through in order to be listed on Google News. Now that has been abandoned and Google will automatically consider sites for Google News.

Is My Site Eligible For Google News?

In order for your site to appear in Google news, you need to produce relevant content. Here are some guidelines that Google uses to vet the content:

  • Your site and content have a high level of expertise, authority and trustworthiness.
  • Your site has a consistent history of producing original news material.
  • Your site and content complies with Google News Policies.

Is My Content Appearing On Google News?

The best way to find this out is bylooking at the performance reports on Search Console for Google News and Google Search. You can do this by filtering to the news search type). This will tell you whether your site is receiving traffic from Google News and therefore you'll know that your content is, in fact, appearing on Google News.

Why Isn't My Content On Google News

If your content isn't being displayed on Google News, it may not have met the criteria listed above. It may also be buried under other news stories.

To enhance your appearance on Google news, you can use the Publisher Center to define certain details about your site—RSS feeds, website URLs, videos and more—that can help manage your brand and make it easier for Google to index your site.

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