Why use Pinterest for Marketing?

Pinterest is the world's most popular image sharing social media platform. It's members collect interesting visual content and share it online with anyone that is interested. Often overlooked in favour of the larger social networks, Pinterest has many things going for it as part of your marketing mix.

Pinterest is an important content marketing tool

Publishing great image based content via social media sites, blogs and image-sharing sites like Pinterest helps you attract new customers and develop great relationships with your current ones. After all, content is king and if your content is really outstanding, then customers and followers will share your brand’s message for you.

People buy products and services based on recommendations.

Customers make purchasing decisions based on personal recommendations. In this online world, many recommendations are made by social media. Therefore being able to see a product on Pinterest that had been recommended by a friend will lead to the first step in the purchasing decision.

Pinterest can help make your brand human.

A picture paints a thousand words. As Pinterest is visual in nature, it allows potential customers to look directly into your brand which gives them a feeling of intimacy and a good understanding of what your brand stands for. The more you show your brand's personality off through your pins, the more you will allow customers to get to know you. This will lead to a greater connection, brand affinity and finally a loyal customer base.

Pinterest appeals to everyone.

Although it was originally thought of as a site for 18-34 females, this is no longer the case. A range of different interests are represented on Pinterest, from woodworking to jewellery, from fishing to fashion and from martial arts to weddings. As long as your content is interesting and relevant, it will be shared. Remember that Pinterest is a flexible, friendly, easy-to-use tool which appeals to everyone.

Pinterest has benefits for SEO

If the images that you pin on Pinterest are hosted on your own website, then Google and other search providers will identify the link to your website. This will help to boost your rankings in the natural search positions for your website. (Shameless Plug: For any further SEO advice, why not speak to a Freelance SEO Consultant

So I hope I've convinced you that Pinterest can have enormous benefits for a great variety of businesses—and customers. Including Pinterest in your marketing mix is a great way of reaching its ever growing membership of virtual scrapbookers and collectors. Interesting visual content attracts visitors and once you've attracted Pinterest followers to your website by interesting pins, you can convert them into sales leads and engage with them.

SEO Consultant

This article was written by Gaz Hall, a UK based SEO Consultant on 2nd February 2016.

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